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Tue, Feb. 22nd, 2011, 08:40 am

I forgot about this journal before this morning, perhaps there's soemthing to reading The Raw Shark Texts and House of Leaves back to back that jogs the memory, or makes the memory RUN.

Hi again.

Thu, Oct. 23rd, 2008, 11:48 am
A clean room, An angry cat

After cleaning up the monstrous beast known as my room I sat down on the floor next to my bed. It came to me then as I looked over my books, My collection of backpacks, and the art on the wall. I must have been born to a troupe of traveling Librarians. Obviously they were part of a larger circus and while leaving Montebello, California they left me on the doorstep of my mothers house.
I'll have to ask around the next tim e a circus comes to town.

I took today and tomorrow off to make my way up to Seattle to meet an author, only I don't have the money to actually go.
My small vacation will be spent making breakfast foods and reading "Villa Incognito" by Tom Robbins, and then "The Gum Thief" by Douglas Coupland.

Also, Tobias would like me to inform all of you that his stare down with the dog (Django) is far from over, I can tell you that from my first row seat this is the truth. yesterday Django and Tobias both sat on opposite sides of their baby gate in an attempt to lose eye contact and tease each other, they both fell asleep and forced me to tip toe around them every time i wanted to leave my room.

I have no idea why, but i love this photo i stumbled on...

Thu, Oct. 2nd, 2008, 08:20 am
Halloween Haunt

i miss you knotts berry farm....

Mon, Sep. 29th, 2008, 07:59 pm
yay yay yay yay yay

Walking through Fred Meyer today I could not help but notice a million and three carving pumpkins, all just waiting for me...
I brought one home with me today. His name is Marv.

Wed, Sep. 24th, 2008, 04:42 am

i just woke up from this dream, we were rolling around on the floor giggling and laughing and then you said you needed to go out and buy cigs, i sat down and was waiting for you when a few other things happened and at some point i walked back into the living room and my mothers ex boyfriend david nungary was sitting down watching television eating a cheeseburger, he looked up and waid you werent back yet. i just woke up and for the last five minutes i swear ive sat here waiting for you to get back from the store wondering how long its taking you to buy your cigarettes.

Sat, Sep. 20th, 2008, 10:36 pm
these are my eyes

Tue, Sep. 16th, 2008, 07:31 pm
Nero was a jerk.

But that's besides the point.

There are a million and two thirds of thought process going through my head right now.
instead of dealing with them I think I'll re-arrange my room, alpha my books and teach the cat to sing.

have a pleasant eve.

Sun, Sep. 14th, 2008, 11:28 pm
It's an old Question

It really is an old question. Due to the recent state lottery it's one that I've been hearing a lot and from a lot of different people.
If you had A Million (or in this case 132 Million) U.S. Dollars, what would you do with your life?
which is essentially asking what would you do with your life if you were "free" of your obligations and fear?

If anyone is going to answer I'm going to add something else as well.
I assume the best of all of you, so I've already taken into consideration all the charities and hospitals and poor and sick and poorly dressed people you have helped, the question is essentially, what is your Maltese Falcon?

and because i like all the versions

Sun, Sep. 14th, 2008, 09:51 pm
Wilshire Blvd.

Bob's Air Mail Service, A gas station located in Southern California

Photographed by Burton Frasher Sr. 1888-1955
Photo taken in 1936

Fri, Sep. 12th, 2008, 08:10 am
Do you want to be buried with my people?

Oh my.
Is it morning already, and here I am wide awake and ready. I'll be bored in thirty minutes and nose deep in a book in an hour. I have letters to write today! I have postcards to buy and groceries to make lists of :D
Do I know any morning people?
I don't think so.
It's the best time ever though. I feel more than completely at home being alone these hours. They are mine.
It's the night ones that kinda bother me.

bleh! wegah! ptooey!

Sometimes I'm tossed and driven
and sometimes I don't know where to roam
but I've heard of a city called heaven
and I've started to make it my home

Oh soon I'll reach the glory
where mortals no longer complain
and there's a ship that's coming to take me
and the captain is calling my name

Do you want to be buried with my people, dear
was the look in his eyes
we can rest our bones side by side
in the dirt of yonder high
it's so fun to see me being me alongside you
that's how I knew the answer dear
to the look I got from you

I had nearly given up dear with all my fantasies
then you come and crossed my path, and so here we be
and how the hell did I live this long without you by my side
Can I believe it's you I've sensed and sung to all my life
arms that held me never worked before until I was held you
with a grip so still and charged, oh cou cou cou

Finally it came around inviting us to play
there's nothing as scary as a divine plan,
but I wouldn't have it any other way

The mystery is larger than you and me
and we're drunk on faded heart
but woman, I have a suspicion
you just could be my missing part

but who the hell knows which way
the gods will pull us tomorrow
but honey we're riding up past right now
and fear's only gonna back up in sorrow

Giddy up love whatever is for you
will never pass you by
you live and die you
and I live and die me
each day for the rest of this life

'Cause I am a prince
and I am a prince
I am my own salvation
but you are my queen
and you are my king
so live and die beside each other

Do you want to be buried with my people, dear
was the look in his eyes
we can rest our bones side by side
in the dirt of yonder high
it's so fun to see me being me alongside you
that's how I knew the answer dear
to the look I got from you
we can rest our bones side by side


‘Do you want to be buried with my people’ – scout niblett

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